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Wholesale Pearls and Discount Pearl Jewelry

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Making the beauty of pearls available and affordable to everyone.


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Oil on Canvas 19C'



You have some antiquities at home and you want to sell them? We can do it for you!

See all the solutions we are offering

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You'll discover on this website many items from the past.

Scupltures, paintings, clocks, furnitures ,

lamps, ceramics, porcelains, jewelry, house linen..etc.

you will have the pleasure to find many contemporaries artists very talented promissing success.

The art déco romantic painter invite you for a visit

The poetry is an art as delicate as the water-colour. We invite you to express yourself. Open the door and read some of the poems...and you can have yours here too.

La Poesie

For all your buying you can pay with a credit card. We work with PAYPAL permiting to use all the credit card in security.



You are an artist realizing some painting or sculpture or expressing yourself in an other Art ?

We can help you to be known into the public eye.


Give a look to Annette Roche Art

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